Learning and Liberation is a documentary series that explores the people and places that allow young people to learn, play, and grow outside of conventional schooling.

This is the creative team behind the series.

Genevieve Shade (she/her)

Genevieve Shade is a 19 year old artist, filmmaker, and grown unschooler. Genevieve brings experience from a lifetime of art making to directing and producing Learning and Liberation. Her photo work has been shown at the Mattress Factory Museum and Bankrupt Bodega. She currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




Ben Rehrman (they/them)

Ben Rehrman is a 19 year old filmmaker and life-long unschooler based in Pennsylvania. They started making films and videos early in life, including YouTube videos and short films.

Their work has been shown at the All American High School Film Festival, The Sun Valley Junior Film Competition, The Saul Zaentz High School Film Festival, and others. They won two awards at the 2023 WHYY Youth Media Awards.

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